Hello, my name is Tom Masters and I am passionate about natural health processes and wellness tips and techniques. Through a chance encounter of a Mastermind in early 2020, I crossed paths with Bill Hildebrand.

With 20+ years of studying nutrition and its role in our wellness and well-being, I have been a coach, helping support others in rediscovering their self-healing mechanism and returning to their birthright of optimal, good health. Professionals in sports and business rely on coaches to remain at the top of their game. The same can apply to ourselves when looking to create change in our lives.

With training in many modalities of personal transformation, I have the skills to help empower others to reach their goals and intentions.

Looking for a guide to assist you on your journey? Are there visions of a new you that occupy your mind? (That’s a beautiful thought process, by the way!) Here’s how I can help: 

  • Certified Life Coach
  • Wholistic Health Coach
  • Keto Nutrition Health Coach
  • Life Story Coach
  • Certified Coach in Self-Esteem Elevation for Children

Hi, my name is Bill Hildebrand and I am one of the founders of this website, Long Life Academy. I thought you might want to know the faces behind the site so I will tell you a little bit about myself.

My entire career was in the medical field. I have a BS degree in Medical Technology and worked as a Medical Technologist in a large hospital lab for 7 years. Then I decided to change careers and went into medical equipment sales for the next 30 years. So as you can probably imagine I do have a fairly good background in medicine.

After having been in the medical field for so many years I have developed some strong opinions about the current medical establishment and much of it is not complimentary. Having been challenged by my need to travel frequently with my sales job requirements, I learned that I would have to develop some good habits when it came to eating a healthy diet and how to get some exercise even when staying in hotels many nights.

I chose to learn everything I could about natural health methods and they have served me well. I have no diseases, take no medications, and am in the best of health. I have passed all physicals up to this day with flying colors.

That is why I will always offer natural health methods whenever possible. You will learn why much of the treatment offered by today’s medical system mostly just offers to treat symptoms but rarely looks for the underlying causes of the condition or to find a permanent remedy.

I am a true believer that your health is one of the greatest gifts we have. It affects all aspects of our lives and when we are confronted with a difficult health challenge, it can really cause problems with many of those areas of life. Our goal here on this website is to provide scientifically backed natural health information that can help you with your wellness and well-being.

Long Life Academy is decades in the making with Tom and Bill’s studies as your guide. They look forward to welcoming you into the community. Enjoy!

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