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Personal Life Transformation Course

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The Personal Life Transformation Course is a comprehensive guide for people who want to transform certain areas of their lives and help them become the person the really want to be. Many people are unhappy and unsatisfied with certain aspects of their lives but don’t really know how to make the changes that are necessary to transform to the person that want to be with abundant happiness and life fulfillment. The course comes with a companion workbook that is used in conjunction with the course to help the participant with ideas and documenting their progress in a journal type fashion. Three additional bonuses are also included with the course.


The Personal Life Transformation Course is a comprehensive guide for taking people through the transformation process. It comes with an editable workbook which is designed to be used along with the course as a way for the participant to catalog their answers to questions and to also act as a beginner journal to record thoughts and feelings. The course features information specific to four key life areas where transformations are often desired. However, the course is designed to help anyone in any area of their life where they desire to become the best person they can be. There are also 3 bonus items that will be included along with the course that can be helpful as the person goes through their personal transformation as well as after they have finished the course.


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