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Your Yoga Handbook Course

Original price was: $39.95.Current price is: $27.95.

The Your Yoga Handbook Course is a fairly comprehensive look at yoga from many aspects. We start with some of the health and fitness benefits of yoga. We also take a look at the history of yoga to give you a perspective of just how old and how wide spread around the world this practice was and is used to this day.

We explain the 17 different types of yoga and how the differ from one another. We explain the details of the yoga type to help you make a decision which one might fit you best if you wanted to start using yoga as part of your workout routine.

We give you some good reasons to do yoga. We also show you the best yoga types for beginners and why these are the best place to start. There are great choices for all age groups and variations in current health status.

We also talk about the different items you may need for yoga and give you example products you could purchase.

Then finally we show you how yoga can be used specifically to lose weight if that is your goal. We let you know which types are best for that purpose and again we give you some details as to why.

This course consists of 2 Modules:  Module 1 is the total introduction to yoga with 9 lessons. Module 2 is the yoga for weight loss information and consists of 3 lessons. There are also 2 specials resources included along with the course. Get it now at this discounted price.

For anyone interested in finding our if yoga is right for you or is something you have been wanting to try, this course will have just about everything you could ever want to know about yoga. It will also help you in finding the yoga class that is best for your particular needs and likes. So if yoga is something you want to know about and take part in, buy this course. You won’t find anything this detailed for this price anywhere else.



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