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Thank you for joining our Long Life Academy Community. Please feel comfortable in that we have a strong No Spam policy and will not be filling your email with junk information. Mostly what you will see from us is when we update our site with new posts, and occasionally if we have a product that we think you might have some interest in, we will let you know it is available.

Ok, let's get to downloading your free report titled "Functional Fitness". Here are a few recommended directions so we can help make sure you get your report and have immediate access to it.  Right-click on the button below that says Get My Free Report. You should see a choice for "save as" or "save file as" depending on which browser you use. Click on that and you should now see where you want to save the file on your device. A good place is the desktop where it should be easily found. If you left-click on the button it will most likely start the download of the file immediately and it will most likely go to your downloads folder. 

The report is in PDF format so you need a PDF reader program to open and read it. Most computers and other devices already have a program installed. If you don't and you need one you can get a free one at this link: Adobe Reader  Be aware, you will see a couple of McAfee programs with boxes checked next to them. If you do not want to download those programs as well, be sure to uncheck the boxes before downloading the reader.

Before you go, I just wanted to make you aware of a special offer that my business partner Tom and I have on our E-Learning Natural Health Courses Membership program. We just launched it recently and have our launch pricing in place. The price will never be lower than it is right now. We release a new course each month. We cover a large variety of topics related to natural health to help people reach optimal health and maintain it going forward. A few topics include healthy eating habits, proper and appropriate exercise, immunity, stress and anxiety relief, natural health remedies, home workouts, anti-aging and many more. If you would like to really take control of your health and the health of your family, then you should take a few minutes to get all the details about this membership program. You can do that by clicking on this link: E-Learning Natural Health  

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